From Taucha to the Parchim substation

First transport leg from Taucha to Aken:

The transformer was skidded from the foundation at the substation in Taucha and picked up by the 300 t vessel bridge with 32 axles.
The transport started at 1:00 a.m. because the Leipzig city authorities had to arrange some shutdowns for the transport to pass.
Due to the transport permit the unit crossed the BAB 9 during a complete stop of the traffic outside the Schkeuditz junction.
The harbor in Aken was reached on the second transport night.

Waterway transport:
ex Aken to Hamburg by barge / in Hamburg it was transshipped from barge to coaster / to the port of Rostock

Last leg from Rostock to Parchim:
The transhipment was operated by the Port of Rostock. From there the transport continued on the 300 t girder with 32 axles.
On the BAB 19, the transport between AS Rostock-Nord and AS Rostock-Süd was routed in the wrong direction due to the weak infrastructure.
The motorway was temporarily closed. From the Rostock-Süd junction up to Malchow the transport height had to be adjusted several times due to height restriction.
In the 2nd night the convoy reached Parchim substation.