Heavy transport

With us, you achieve your target.

Our task and our claim is to transport your goods from A to B on time, safely and intact. Through the precise planning, design and ongoing optimization of logistics processes, we are able to organize and monitor the exact flow of goods and services. If necessary, we can intervene at the earliest possible stage and act accordingly.

With our diverse equipment and our own large fleet of vehicles, we can meet any challenge. Complete transport solutions, which we can carry out with our fleet, always require experienced, long-term employees who can control the execution of any movement of goods. Whether the transport is horizontal or vertical, our fleet and also our employees are always ready for action. From sprinters to heavy-duty self-propelled axles, we can transport any load for you!

The right vehicle technology for your transport

  • Goldhofer axle lines - for oversized and heavy goods up to 600 t
  • Boiler bridges - with up to 22 axles for 450 t
  • Tractor units & semitrailer tractors - move up to 1002 t
  • Low-bed semitrailers - up to 100 t
  • Semi-trailers - up to 60 t
  • Machine transport
  • SPMT - 48 t per axle precise transport in confined spaces
  • Bridge crossing systems, if the bridge load is not sufficient
  • Transport escort BF2 and BF3 - escort and protection

Our service for you

  • Project-related transport consulting and planning
  • Route studies with the support of a scan vehicle
  • Planning and execution of multimodal transports road, water, rail
  • Obtaining all permits
  • Provision of all documentation
  • Production of transport racks and auxiliary constructions
  • Organization and execution of all VLM measures
  • mobile weighing