Low bed trailer

Loading and transporting – quickly and safely.

Oversized industrial containers, heavy press parts, construction machinery or long aluminium profiles – any loads that are particularly bulky or tall call for a loading area that is optimised for length or that is designed as low to the ground as possible. With the various low-loader platforms and equipment options on our low-bed semi-trailers, semi-trailers and platform trailers, we can guarantee optimum load spreading, the best of manoeuvrability and maximum time and cost efficiency for loading and transport.

03-Achs Plateau-Auflieger
04-Achs Plateau-Auflieger
05-Achs Plateau-Auflieger
04-Achs Semi-Auflieger
05 Achs Semi-Auflieger
06-Achs Semi-Auflieger
02-Achs Tiefbettauflieger
03-Achs Tiefbettauflieger
04-Achs Tiefbettauflieger
08-Achs Tiefbettauflieger