Transport of two transformers

Transport of two transformers (286 t + 283 t) from the C-Port in Saterland to the substation Garrel-Ost. At the substation each transformer was positioned on foundation.



Transport of transformer 286 t:

The transformer was positioned on the barge and transported to Krefeld for transshipment. The 286 t transformer was loaded directly into our 350 t girder bridge.

Transport of transformer 283 t:

Transport by rail Schnabel wagon to Krefeld Inland waterway transport of both transformers ex Krefeld to Saterland,

Unloading with two LTM 1650 mobile cranes at the C-Port Zweckverband Saterland

The 283 t remained in Saterland for a week on a 6-axle SPMT.

The 36 km route was covered in one night. 3 lampposts and a traffic light mast were first dismantled for the transport and then reassembled.